September 20, 2007

Canon Reflex 500/8 new FD

Canons second Mirror Lens, the first was for FD, this one is the new FD mount. To my knowledge Canon never made one for the EF mount. So how can you tell the difference between the older version and this one? Well, the old one is labeled S.S.C. (Super Spectra Coating).

The old lens is a rarity and sells at eBay (buy-now) for around 500 Euro, this newer lens goes for about 250 Euro. (Sept. 2007)

Technical Data

Released year1980
Discontinued year-
Minimum aperture8
Minimum focus distance400 cm
Maximum magnification1:7 (Calculated)
Minimum length146.0 mm
Maximum length-
Diameter90.0 mm
Weight0.705 kg
Front Filter diameter-
Rear Filter diameter34mm (slot-in)
Hood mountBuilt-in slide out type
Autofocus (AF)no



Anthony said...

I picked one up cheap, in rough condition, but still optically good. I just finished modifying the mount for my EOS 30D.

Pix here.

Robert said...

Anthony, this may be off topic, but how is your image quality with a modified fd-eos mount? I've used an adaptor before and had very soft images... but shooting film nowdays is not cost effective!

Anonymous said...

Hi,thanks for the Mirror lens site.I picked up a Canon Reflex 500mmF8, FD Lens and a Canon 300D.Found a FD - EF glass lens adaptor and tried it all on manual.Quality images,usually 1/1000 shutter speed at 100 ISO.It needs a lot of light.Not a problem in Western Australia.Night moon pics at -2,1000 s/speed develop good moon pictures.regards peter