September 24, 2007

Reflex Nikkor 500/8s

Nikons third and newest 500mm Mirror Lens. The older lenses doesn't have the orange line. Many people on the internet claims that this is the one of if not the best 500/8 mirror lens. Technically it has one of the shortest minimum focus distances found in 500mm, which is 1,5 meters or just around 5 feet.

If you want this lens at eBay, you must be ready to pay around 400 Euros for this third version. The second version goes for about half the price. The first version could have a much higher price because it goes back to 1961 (vintage).

Technical Data

Released year1984
Discontinued year-
Minimum aperture8
Minimum focus distance150 cm
Maximum magnification1:2.5
Minimum length109.0 mm
Maximum length-
Diameter89.0 mm
Weight0.840 kg
Front Filter diameter82mm
Rear Filter diameter39mm (screw-on)
Hood mountscrew-on
Autofocus (AF)no


1 comment:

Ed Shenkman said...

Is there any way to have the lens cleaned?
I have a third lens that has fungus...