September 15, 2007

Olympus Zuiko Reflex 500/8

Olympus Zuiko introduces this lens in 1982. I haven't really found much about this lens - so i guess it's pretty rare. Rumors says that this lens is one of the best - and that second hand prices still are pretty high (eBay - buy now price Sept. 2007: 699 Euros !!!). Interesting is that it only has 5 elements in 2 groups where most have 7 in 4 groups or more.

Technical Data

Released year1982
Discontinued year-
Minimum aperture8
Minimum focus distance400 cm
Maximum magnification1:7 (Calculated)
Minimum length97.0 mm
Maximum length-
Diameter81.0 mm
Weight0.590 kg
Front Filter diameter72
Rear Filter diameteronly front filter
Hood mountBuilt-in slide out type
Autofocus (AF)no


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