September 10, 2007

Ohnar 300/5.6 Mirror

I have very little information about this Lens. But the big thing is: you can set the aperture between 5.6 and 16 in full steps. The iris diaphragm has by the way 15 blades. See also the link below to the photo of the diaphragm.

It seems to me that the diaphragm really doesn't have any or just little effect. Use the link "Ohnar 300mm Test Page with 4 photos" to see for yourself.

With Babelfish i was able to squeeze these tech data out of the Japanese website below. Ohnar also made a 300mm mirror lens with a fix aperture. I guess this is the customized version - must be rare.

Technical Data
Released year-
Discontinued year-
Minimum aperture5.6
Maximum aperture16
Minimum focus distance250 cm
Maximum magnification-
Minimum length66.0 mm
Maximum length-
Diameter79.5 mm
Weight0.335 kg
Front Filter diameter67
Rear Filter diameter-
Hood mount-
Autofocus (AF)no


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13Maysa said...

I want to buy Ohnar 300/5.6 Mirror

don't know everything can buy this lens.

want to know
1. take Ohnar 300/5.6 Mirror with Canon eos 5D ? have adeptor?

2. How much?